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Climate Change Adaptation Task Force

Environmental catastrophes and extreme weather conditions – be they natural or man-made – pose huge challenges for Europe’s economies, society, governments and regions and affect many sectors, such as: agriculture, energy, transport, ecosystems, finance and insurance, building, tourism and health.

These are events for which Europe can, and should, be prepared. Thus an effective climate policy needs to address, not only mitigation, but also adaptation strategies - and these need to be based on a thorough understanding of their economic and social implications.

The EPC’s Task Force on Climate Change Adaptation in Europe, run in conjunction with the King Baudouin Foundation, addresses these issues. In particular, it: 

  • considers the potential environmental, social and economic impacts of climate change on Europe;
  • discusses strategies for adapting to the impact of climate change in selected sectors and the role and added-value of the EU in the process;
  • looks at the social and economic impact of climate change adaptation policies and actions on Europe and identifies ways of mitigating the adverse effects on the most vulnerable groups in society, bearing in mind the EU’s commitment to promote inclusion and well-being;
  • considers the potential opportunities for growth, innovation and jobs arising from efficient climate change adaptation; and
  • makes policy recommendations for action at EU level that can support and underpin local, regional, sectoral and national efforts on climate change adaptation.



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By Annika Hedberg - 26/09/2012
Adapting to climate change: what role for the EU?
By Annika Hedberg - 10/11/2010


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