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The Challenge of Jihadist Radicalisation - In Europe and Beyond
22 March 2017
Tahir Abbas (Senior Research Fellow, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)), Vlado Azinović (Associate Professor, School of Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo), Roberta Bonazzi (Founder and President, European Foundation for Democracy), Marwa Farid (Head of Civil Society Programs, EDGE Foundation and Policy Advisor, European Foundation for Democracy), Andrea Frontini (Policy Analyst), Matthew Goodwin (Professor of Politics and International Relations, University of Kent), Elham Manea (Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Zurich and Senior Fellow, European Foundation for Democracy), Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst), Alexander Ritzmann (Executive Director, European Foundation for Democracy and Chairman, Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) Communications and Narratives Working Group), Demir Murat Seyrek (Senior Policy Advisor, European Foundation for Democracy), Rupert Sutton (Director of Student Rights, the Henry Jackson Society), Herman Van Rompuy (EPC President) and Lorenzo Vidino (Director, Program on Extremism, George Washington University)

Countering violent extremism

European Parliament mid-term election: what impact on migration policy?
16 March 2017
Marco Funk (Former Policy Analyst at the EPC)

Is the European Parliament changing its course on migration after the mid-term election?

The 2017 elections across Europe: facts, expectations and consequences
14 March 2017
Janis A. Emmanouilidis (Director of Studies), Francesca Fabbri (Junior Policy Analyst), Yann-Sven Rittelmeyer (Policy Analyst), Adriaan Schout (Coordinator of EU affairs, Netherlands Institute of International Affairs (Clingendael)), Corina Stratulat (Senior Policy Analyst) and Fabian Zuleeg (Chief Executive and Chief Economist)

Europe may catch a break with the upcoming elections in key member states, but not a free pass

Ulster says ‘Remain’ - Brexit and the Northern Irish election result
10 March 2017
Frank Mc Namara (Policy Analyst)

Elections results in Northern Ireland send a stark message to Theresa May

What kind of divorce: a clean, hard Brexit or a messy, confrontational Brexfast?
9 March 2017
Fabian Zuleeg (Chief Executive and Chief Economist)

A messy and quick Brexit?

EU budget post-Brexit - Confronting reality, exploring viable solutions
7 March 2017
Ewa Chomicz (Former Economic Research Assistant at the EPC)

Mind the gap

Social Investment first! A precondition for a modern Social Europe
3 March 2017
Claire Dhéret (Senior Policy Analyst and FutureLab Europe Programme Leader) and Lieve Fransen (Senior Adviser to EPC on health, social and migration policies)

An urgent call for a strong, modern and sustainable Social Europe

The Romanian protests: democratic progress or a ride on a rocking horse?
27 February 2017
Corina Stratulat (Senior Policy Analyst)

On the Romanian protests, and European democracy

Brexit and Europe: a new entente
23 February 2017
Andrew Duff (Visiting Fellow at the European Policy Centre and President of the Spinelli Group; former MEP)

Could Brexit be a good thing in the end?

Russia’s nuclear energy diplomacy in the Middle East: why the EU should take notice
21 February 2017
Marco Giuli (Policy Analyst)

An effective tool to realise Russia’s political ambitions in the MENA region?

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