Publications 2016

Scotland and the European Union
14 July 2016
Graham Avery (Senior Adviser to EPC on EU enlargement policy)

After the Brexit vote, Scottish independence is on the table again.

A Global Strategy for a soul-searching European Union
13 July 2016
Giovanni Grevi (Senior Fellow)

Providing strategic coordinates for European foreign policy in the midst of political turmoil

To be or not to be an EU member state – A question for the Balkan aspirants as well?
13 July 2016
Corina Stratulat (Senior Policy Analyst)

What will the departure of the UK from the EU mean for the Balkan enlargement process?

Exit from Brexit? Not likely but uncertainty prevails
12 July 2016
Fabian Zuleeg (Chief Executive and Chief Economist)

Brexit will be painful, but avoiding it could lead to even more harm

Coping with the fragile consolidation of Tunisia’s transition
11 July 2016
Francesca Fabbri (Junior Policy Analyst)

EU support for Tunisia’s transition needs to make a qualitative leap forward

Europe cannot afford people in bad health - Economics of health and care as a guide for investments
4 July 2016
Hans Martens (Senior Adviser to EPC on energy, public service reform and CHES)

How to keep Europe’s health systems sustainable?

Georgia and the EU – maintaining the momentum
1 July 2016
Dennis Sammut (Member of the EPC's Strategic Council; Director, LINKS)

The entering into force of the Association Agreement with Georgia signals a move in a positive direction for EU-Georgia relations.

Post-Summit Commentary | Europe in limbo while the UK descends into chaos
30 June 2016
Janis A. Emmanouilidis (Director of Studies)

The first EU Summit post-Brexit vote

Europe’s potential in addressing maritime security in Asia: a Japanese view
29 June 2016
Michito Tsuruoka (Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS), Japan)

Time for Europe to address maritime security problems in Asia

Europe: a question of survival
27 June 2016
Giovanni Grevi (Senior Fellow)

Europe after the Brexit vote

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