Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Climate Change Adaptation Task Force

The climate is changing - is Europe ready?
26 September 2012
Serban Chiorean-Sime (Former Programme Assistant at the EPC), Annika Hedberg (Senior Policy Analyst), Caroline Schneider (External authors) and Imogen Sudbury (External authors)

Europe can no longer afford to pay for the consequences of climate change later: it must start to adapt now. This Issue Paper shows that the EU has various tools at its disposal to help member states, regions and businesses to carry out adaptation measures in a smart and cost-effective way.

Ignorance ain’t bliss: it’s time to recognise the impact of the environment and climate on health
25 April 2012
Annika Hedberg (Senior Policy Analyst)

In this Commentary Annika Ahtonen argues that Europe must take more seriously the impact of the environment and climate change on health, and do more to reduce and prepare for unwanted health consequences.

Adapting to climate change: what role for the EU?
10 November 2010
Annika Hedberg (Senior Policy Analyst)

Although most action on climate-change adaptation will need to be taken at national, regional or local level, there are compelling reasons why the EU should also play a role, says this Policy Brief by Annika Ahtonen.

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