European Migration and Diversity

Geopolitics and Competing priorities at the EU’s External Borders

The EPC seeks to evaluate the interplay between the EU’s Integrated Border Management (IBM) and geopolitics. There has been a shortfall in the exchange of ideas and expertise with respect to developing a more holistic border management strategy for the Union in the context of the continued migratory pressures at the external border. The EMD team addresses this shortfall in this project which is jointly undertaken with the European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS). The project will assess how the competing priorities present at the border are balanced and will analyse the role of different groups of actors in managing the external border, including (1) EU agencies, institutions, and other international organisations; (2) private actors; and (3) third countries. In addition, the project examines what the geopolitical implications are for the EU’s current approach to border management and how foreign policy considerations can be better incorporated into border management. It is envisaged that this project will lay the foundation for a broader project on the external dimension of the EU’s border management, which includes its cooperation with third countries and its role on the international stage.

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