Europe in the World

EU Foreign Policy and Global Governance Forum

This forum inherits many themes addressed by the Human Security and Global Governance, but places them in a firmer EU framework. Its workshops, meetings, public events and publications focus on two key strands. The first examines the EU and its ability to build up its foreign policy “system”, especially in the light of the new provisions of the Lisbon Treaty, and addresses issues such as the creation and implementation of the European External Action Service, in cooperation with the EU Integration and Citizenship Programme. It will also broaden the horizon to look at the debate within Europe at large on the priorities, principles, strategic objectives, and constraints that influence EU foreign policy making.

The second strand examines EU performance on the global stage and its contribution to security in the world. Alongside the impact of the EU in specific regions and countries (activities carried out together with the EPC’s regional forums), such as the analysis of CSDP missions, the forum will also address key issues such as the changing role of the EU in international institutions, the future of multilateralism, international justice, and themes related to war and peace.

The forum brings together original insights also thanks to its broad range of participants that include experts, NGO representatives, officials from the EU institutions and diplomatic representations, but also MEPs, national experts, and representatives from civil society and the corporate world.


This Forum is chaired by Alyson Bailes, Professor, University of Iceland, and coordinated by Rosa Balfour, EPC Senior Adviser.


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