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EU-Russia Relations: Towards a Stronger Partnership
17 May 2005

The European Policy Centre hosted a Policy Dialogue immediately following the European Union-Russia Summit on 10 May 2005 to assess progress made in achieving the goal of four, shared "common spaces."

EU-Korea Trade Relations - Opportunities and Challenges
25 April 2005

The EPC held a policy dialogue with Korean trade representatives to review the state of EU-Korean business relations.

Ukraine and the EU: How close, how soon?
21 April 2005

Speaking at a Breakfast Policy Briefing, Oleg Ribachuk, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine underlined his country’s commitment to European values.

Assessment of the Common Basic Principles on Integration: the way forward
12 April 2005

The EPC and its strategic partner, the King Baudouin Foundation (KBF) hosted a Policy Dialogue to discuss the Common Basic Principles on Integration, as adopted by the EU Justice and Home Affairs Ministers in November 2004.

Georgia: Priorities and Challenges in 2005 and beyond
3 March 2005

Addressing a Breakfast Policy Briefing, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Salome Zourabichvili, set out her country's priorities and the challenges ahead as Georgia seeks to move closer to the European Union.

After the Bush visit: Prospects for transatlantic relations
28 February 2005

The EPC and the Transatlantic Center of the German Marshall Fund held a joint Policy Dialogue to assess the impact of the European visit of US President George W. Bush on the future of transatlantic relations.

Nordic and European Security Concepts: are they compatible?
20 January 2005

The EPC held an expert seminar on the compatibility of Nordic and European security concepts in November 2004. This report summarises the discussions on the three core topics addressed during the seminar, including Nordic attitudes towards the new security threat, Nordic views on NATO and the ESDP and ways to maximise the impact of Nordic security strategies in European policies.

The EU and Japan: Common IPR Strategies in Knowledge-based Economies
20 January 2005

The European Policy Centre held a Policy Dialogue in collaboration with the European Commission, on common Intellectual Property Rights strategies for the EU and Japan.

US and EU Cooperation on Security and Counter-Terrorism
14 January 2005

The EPC welcomed Tom Ridge, Head of the US Department of Homeland Security to a Breakfast Policy Briefing entitled “US and EU Cooperation on Security and Counter-Terrorism,” as part of the work under its Future of Common Foreign and Security Policy programme.

After the elections: Next steps in Ukraine's European journey
6 January 2005

Following Victor Yushchenko's victory in the re-run of the Presidential elections in Ukraine on 26 December, the EPC held a Policy Dialogue with the former Estonian foreign minister, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, MEP and the EPC Political Director, John Palmer, to assess the way forward for EU-Ukraine relations.

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