European Politics and Institutions

The idea of Europe: can we make it live again?
25 July 2005

European Union Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson was adamant that Europe's future depended on the European Commission reasserting itself as the EU's political powerhouse when he delivered a lecture on 'The idea of Europe – can we make it live again?" at an event co-organised by the EPC and UACES.

The status of Imams in Europe
8 July 2005

Speakers at the Dialogue agreed that the size and circumstances of Muslim communities in European Union member states varied widely. The situation regarding the training of Imams was inadequate in most countries. Improved training structures for Imams would help the integration of Muslim communities in the EU.

Priorities of the UK Presidency
23 June 2005

Speaking at a Breakfast Policy Briefing to outline the UK Presidency's priorities for the coming six months, H E Sir John Grant CMG, said that the British government would be willing to negotiate on its rebate provided there was a readiness to reform the Common Agricultural Policy.

Is the future enlargement of the EU in peril?
20 June 2005

Enlargement was a major success story and despite the latest political crisis to hit the EU it must be continued said Commissioner Olli Rehn at a breakfast today.

After the French and Dutch Referenda: What prospects for the Treaty?
4 June 2005

The day after the Dutch electorate delivered a crushing verdict on the European Union Constitutional Treaty, the EPC discussed the prospects for the Treaty with a group of high-level experts including former Commissioner, Antonio Vitorino.

Approving the Constitutional Treaty - Obstacles and Options
9 May 2005

Expert commentators from France, Britain and the Netherlands joined a Policy Dialogue on the prospects for ratification of the European Union Constitutional Treaty.

The Balkans in Europe's Future
14 April 2005

The EPC co-hosted the presentation of the International Commission's report on the Balkans with its strategic partner, the King Baudouin Foundation. Panellists, including Giuliano Amato, former Italian Prime Minister and Chairman of the International Commission, agreed that the status quo in the Western Balkans was untenable and could drive the region towards a new period of highly dangerous instability.

Kosovo: Towards Final Status
28 January 2005

The expert panel agreed that the status quo in Kosovo was no longer tenable and that the “train was leaving the station” in that the international community was poised to take action to move toward a final settlement. Minority rights and legal protection would have to figure heavily in any such agreement. Any attempts to create a “greater Albania” or to partition Kosovo would have to be stopped

Cyprus: Time for a deal?
28 January 2005

The EPC and the ARI movement held a Policy Dialogue to address the future of Cyprus.

Priorities of the Luxembourg Presidency
25 December 2004

At a Breakfast Policy Briefing, HE Martine Schommer, Permanent Representative of Luxembourg to the European Union, outlined her country's priorities for next six months, when it takes over the rotating Presidency of the EU.

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