European Migration and Diversity

Restrictive migration policies and the role of the media: the impact on undocumented migrants
6 December 2011

Migration has shaped Europe for centuries and its economic, social and demographic significance is once again growing in a changing world, heard participants in a joint EPC-EPIM conference.

Workshop 1 – defining the needs
24 November 2011

The first meeting of the LAB-MIG-GOV Task Force looked at the relevance of EU Labour Migration policy and whether EU labour markets need extra workers coming from outside the EU, considering the economic crisis and its ongoing implications, in particular rising levels of unemployment.

Family reunification under strain: restrictive v. flexible policies
17 November 2011

Participants at a conference discussed whether governments see the rules they create on family reunification as a means of bringing families together or restricting migration flows.

Education for inclusion: strategies to reduce immigrant marginalisation in Europe and the U.S.
28 June 2011

Children with a migrant background generally perform less well in education than native populations across Europe, participants heard at a Policy Dialogue co-organised with the United States Mission to the European Union.

Post-Summit Briefing
27 June 2011

The June EU Summit was overshadowed by the eurozone crisis, following political turmoil in Greece and, while some concrete decisions were taken, the question remains whether the right recipe has been found for the crisis, speakers said at a Post-Summit Briefing.

Which legal migration policy for the EU?
21 June 2011

Immigration is high on the agenda at EU and national level, impacting on many policy areas, Cecilia Malmström, European Commissioner for Home Affairs, told a Policy Briefing.

Public perceptions about minorities and immigrants: the role of the media
31 May 2011

In a Policy Dialogue, organised with the kind support of the US Mission to the EU, practitioners from both sides of the Atlantic discussed experiences and best practice on how the media can better promote public understanding of the benefits of diversity.

The Global Approach to Migration: which way forward for the external dimension of EU migration policy?
27 May 2011

Developing a Global Approach to Migration is important not just for managing the current situation in the Southern Mediterranean but also for strengthening the EU’s long-term vision, said speakers at a Policy Dialogue.

EU solidarity under pressure: responses to the migrant crisis in North Africa and the Southern Mediterranean
31 March 2011

While the EU Commission has responded quickly and positively to the migrant crisis in North Africa, more needs to be done, agreed speakers at a Policy Dialogue.

What future for temporary and circular migration in Europe?
2 March 2011

Speakers at a Policy Dialogue, held to launch an EPC Working Paper on temporary and circular migration, discussed whether more temporary and "circular" migrants in Europe could be part of the solution for filling labour market gaps.

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