Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Globalisation: the winning strategies
18 October 2005

The Nordic countries have embraced the challenge of globalisation positively, with business, governments, the trades unions and the public cooperating to make the adjustments necessary to survive – and flourish – in a globalised world. This was the main message from a Policy Dialogue.

Television across Europe: regulation, policy and independence
14 October 2005

Television remains the primary source of information for most people in Europe. However, public service broadcasting faces new challenges and threats including a lack of diversity and pluralism, political interference in editorial freedom in some countries, the "dumbing down" of programmes and ownership of commercial television stations increasingly being concentrated in the hands of the few.

Sustainable development and competitiveness
10 October 2005

Environmental regulation and economic growth are closely linked, as higher standards prompt industry to innovate and invest in cleaner technologies, insisted Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas at a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

The outlook for Europe in the global economy
3 October 2005

Major structural reforms are needed in the euro zone to meet upcoming challenges, particularly those posed by its ageing population, warned Michael Deppler, the European Department Director at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), at a Policy Briefing.

Limits to privatisation
19 July 2005

In the first of a series of lectures and debates organised by the EPC and the Toyota Chair for Industry and Sustainability, Ernst Ulrich von Weizsacker outlined a study carried out for the Club of Rome on "Limits to Privatisation." An analysis of privatisations around the world revealed a mixed picture, with examples of both good and bad experiences. He traced the origins of the privatisation in the 1970s and the role played by governments, industry and civil society in the process.

The role of science in EU decision-making
14 July 2005

A conference on the role of science in EU decision-making stressed the importance of ensuring that the best available science was available to EU decision makers.

Innovation and investment: Achilles' heel of Europe or stepping stone to Lisbon?
5 July 2005

The mood was gloomy at a Dialogue on the EU's Lisbon Agenda, with speakers voicing pessimism about Europe's competitiveness prospects.

Economic Migration and the Lisbon Agenda: Bridging the Gap
29 June 2005

The EPC held a joint Policy Dialogue with its strategic partner, the King Baudouin Foundation, and the Migration Policy Group to discuss the role of labour migration in achieving the European Union's economic policy goals.

Sustainable mobility in Europe: Implications for the transport sector
10 June 2005

The Vice-President of the EU Commission and Commissioner for Transport, Jacques Barrot, addressed an EPC Policy Dialogue on means to achieve a sustainable transport policy for Europe.

Higher Education and Competitiveness
30 May 2005

Speaking at an EPC Breakfast Policy Briefing, the European Commissioner for Education, Ján Figel, stressed the importance of investing in research and education to achieve Europe's wider competitiveness goals.

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