Europe in the World

Global security and non-proliferation - EU and Indian approaches
6 April 2006

Speakers at a Policy Dialogue disagreed over the likely impact of the recent US-India agreement on civil nuclear energy.

Public health in emergencies: transatlantic experiences
4 April 2006

Iran's nuclear programme - a transatlantic assessment
27 March 2006

Iran’s nuclear ambitions are a serious threat to stability in the Middle East and more diplomatic efforts are needed to persuade the country’s leaders to abandon plans for any further developments, speakers told a Policy Briefing.

Japan's relations with China and India: friction and future prospects
21 March 2006

Asia is on the rise again, economically and politically, and its future relies on a triangle of economic and political stability involving Japan, China and India, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

EU-Russia: energy security and geopolitics
17 March 2006

The EU-Russian energy relationship is mutually reinforcing, since the Union is constantly seeking secure sources to meet its needs and Russia requires stable markets for its energy supplies, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

The EU in Aceh: between conflict resolution and peace-building
13 March 2006

The EU’s Aceh Monitoring Mission (AMM) has successfully re-established peace, stability and security in both Aceh itself and the region as a whole, speakers with experience in the field told a Policy Dialogue.

Multilateralism in crisis? - Global governance and human rights
9 March 2006

Multilateral organisations may be in crisis, but a multilateral approach is still clearly needed to ‘police’ the global system, help resolve conflicts and further the human rights’ agenda, argued speakers at a Policy Dialogue.

Global governance: where we stand
3 March 2006

The past 12 months have seen some positive moves on combatting climate change, fighting poverty and raising awareness of global interdependence, high-level experts told an the EPC-COMECE Policy Dialogue.

The EU in the World
3 February 2006

Benita Ferrero-Waldner, the European Commissioner for External Relations, told a Breakfast Policy Briefing that she was preparing a “concept paper” for the June EU Summit on Europe’s world role - a role which would have been enhanced by the foreign policy measures set out in the Constitution.

Hong Kong: promise or burial of a successful Doha Development Agenda?
31 January 2006

Christine Lagarde, French Minister for Trade, urged World Trade Organization members to strive for a "balanced" package of measures to liberalise global trade in the current Doha round.

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