Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

The euro and European competitiveness
16 July 2007

The euro has been an economic success, with increased investment, low unemployment and the euro zone recording its fastest economic growth rate since 2000, Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Joaquín Almunia told a Policy Briefing.

A globalisation strategy for the EU
2 July 2007

Globalisation should be seen as an opportunity rather than a risk, Claudia Dörr, Director-General at the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, told a Sixty-Minute Briefing.

Improving transparency in the Union
29 June 2007

Ensuring transparency in the EU is essential to a pluralist democracy and helps to overcome the Union’s “democratic deficit”, European Ombudsman P. Nikiforos Diamandouros told an EPC Breakfast Policy Briefing.

Flexicurity in Europe
27 June 2007

Flexicurity is designed to modernise the labour market so countries can compete in a globalised world while safeguarding the European social model, Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Commissioner Vladimír �pidla told a Policy Briefing.

The social side of Lisbon
15 March 2007

With the EU’s economy now on the “upswing”, any perceived contradictions between Europe’s economic and social policies are “out of place”, Nikolaus van der Pas, European Commission Director-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, told a Sixty-Minute Briefing.

The new EU energy policy: balancing the internal market and external security of supply
1 February 2007

The European Commission’s new energy package was keenly debated at a Policy Dialogue organised jointly with the Clingendael International Energy Programme.

European growth and jobs in 2007
19 December 2006

Europe is beginning to exhibit positive signs of economic growth, with low inflation, unemployment at its lowest level for seven years and an increase in productivity. This has helped it to “rebalance” its position vis-à-vis the United States, speakers told a joint EPC-Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung Policy Dialogue.

Global Europe - social Europe
11 December 2006

A “truly global” Europe needs a “modern social vision” to accompany the drive towards open markets, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso told a joint EPC-Policy Network conference.

Creative work - developing talent in Europe
6 December 2006

Europe needs to do more to harness and develop talent in its workforce, combining labour market flexibility with security, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Economic recovery in the eurozone: how strong?
29 November 2006

The eurozone economy is on course for “moderate but sustained expansion”, but it faces significant challenges which need to be addressed now to enable it to cope when the next downturn comes, Michael Deppler, Director of the International Monetary Fund’s European Department, told a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

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