Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Boosting Europe's knowledge economy
16 February 2009

The economic crisis could be an opportunity for Europe to create more, faster and smarter, as “innovation is the name of the game”, Education, Training, Culture and Youth Commissioner Ján Figel' told a debate held in the context of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, organised in cooperation with the European Commission.

Building a healthy Europe: challenges and opportunities
13 February 2009

Keep the population healthy boosts the economy, so EU governments should not cut health budgets during the financial crisis, Androulla Vassiliou, European Commissioner for Health, told a Breakfast Briefing.

European competition policy
21 January 2009

Competition policy is a “badly needed instrument” in a single, integrated market, former Competition Commissioner Karel Van Miert told an EPC Sixty-Minute Briefing.

European growth and jobs in 2009
10 December 2008

licy-makers were unprepared for the financial crisis and subsequent economic downturn, but the world is not on the brink of another Great Depression thanks to their quick response once the scale of the problem became apparent, speakers agreed at a Policy Dialogue.

Stem cells: current action, research and funding in Europe - CHES Roundtable
5 December 2008

This roundtable discussed stem cell research and funding in Europe, and addressed the ethical aspects of stem cell research and its use.

Can social dialogue help us through the current economic crisis?
19 November 2008

European Works Councils - a voluntary management-workforce consultation mechanism in trans-European companies - are an important element of social dialogue and could be a useful tool to help manage the inevitable restructuring of transnational companies in the current economic downturn, speakers agreed at a Policy Dialogue.

The current financial crisis: challenges and policy responses
12 November 2008

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is preparing a “two-pillar” action plan for governments, as part of a global response to the world financial crisis, calling for tighter regulation and oversight of financial markets and improved national policies to promote economic growth, its Secretary-General Angel Gurria told a Breakfast Briefing.

Health and privacy: personal health data as an asset to better care for patients - CHES Roundtable
29 October 2008

This roundtable discussion addressed how personal data is collected and used, and what are the necessary safeguards and opportunities offered by data analysis techniques in the field of health.

ICT research and telecoms: Europe's opportunity to lead the global competition?
3 October 2008

ICT is an integral part of Europe’s economy, and accounts for 40% of overall productivity growth. However, Europe can only retain its current lead in this area by integrating systems Europe-wide, improving the Single Market in telecoms, and encouraging research and development and public-industry initiatives, Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for the Information Society and the Media, told a Breakfast Briefing.

Mental Health in Europe: Policy Options for the Future - CHES Roundtable
30 September 2008

Mental ill-health is an important challenge for national health systems in the EU. It has significant implications in terms of social cohesion (marginalisation and stigma) and also has a broader economic impact (lower quality of life and productivity). Mental ill-health is among the top three reasons for absence from work and a leading reason for people taking early retirement or a disablement pension. Designing policy measures and strategies to tackle issues associated with mental ill-health is crucial, but finding effective tools and approaches is most challenging.

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