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The Balkans in Europe: containment or transformation?
17 June 2008

The emphasis of the EU’s Balkan policy should move from containment to transformation, and it should send a positive message that the Union’s “door is open” to countries in the region.

Priorities of the French Presidency of the EU
13 June 2008

Speaking at a Breakfast Briefing, just hours before the result was known, Pierre Sellal said the French priorities - immigration, climate change, defence and agricultural policy - would not be directly affected by the referendum. But Europe would need “an extra push” if the Treaty was rejected.

Crime and governance: challenges for the Balkans
29 May 2008

Crime levels in the Western Balkans have dropped considerably as the region stablises, but corruption is still a serous concern and “lubricates” the link between politics, business and organised crime, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Poland's new foreign policy
26 May 2008

Poland has launched a joint initiative with Sweden to enhance the European Neighbourhood Policy by establishing a “Eastern Partnership” with neighbours such Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia. Polish Foreign Minister Rodosław Sikorski told a Breakfast Briefing that as the entire territories of these countries fall within Europe, they fulfil the criteria to become EU members.

State of the Union debate 2008
26 May 2008

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner told at the EPC’s Annual Conference that the EU had achieved an “unbelievable amount” - the challenge now is to give globalisation a human face. European Commission President José Manuel Barroso stressed the need for an “open” EU, and said an enlarged and united Union had the power and capacity to shape the global order.

Making migration work: the role of employers in migrant integration
22 May 2008

European employers are increasingly reliant on migrant labour and could do more to foster integration in the workplace and publicise the benefits migration brings to European society and its economy, speakers agreed at a Policy Dialogue held in cooperation with the King Baudouin Foundation to launch a new Working Paper.

The collection, sharing and protection of data
6 May 2008

Technology advances mean people now generate much more personal data, and there is a greater appetite for that data - the “basic raw material” in the fight against crime and terrorism - in today’s globalised world. But there is also great sensitivity about how that data is used, Jonathan Faull, Director-General for Justice, Freedom and Security, European Commission, told a Sixty-Minute Briefing.

Sustainable growth in Turkey: opportunities and challenges
28 April 2008

Turkey has introduced considerable economic and social reforms which have made its economy more competitive and resulted in sustained 7% growth. However, further structural reforms are needed to increase employment and productivity, improve education and boost energy generation, speakers agreed at a Policy Dialogue.

Albania at the gates of NATO and the EU
28 April 2008

Albania, which verged on becoming a ‘failed state’ three years ago, has changed dramatically since then. It has now introduced legal, economic and social reforms, and is moving towards becoming a mature democracy.

From brain drain to brain gain? The impact in Central and Eastern Europe of the free movement of workers
17 April 2008

Migration within Europe is increasing, with 2.2% of the EU-27’s working population and up to 4% of those from new EU Member States in Central and Eastern Europe living abroad, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

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