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Behaving responsibly: are European companies undermining or contributing to good governance in Africa?
2 June 2008

Africa is a continent with great mineral and natural wealth, but corruption prevents it realising its true potential, speakers told a Policy Briefing.

Energising Russia, connecting Europe: electricity sector liberalisation and security of supply
15 May 2008

The reform of Russia’s electricity sector now underway will introduce more private ownership and foster competition, resulting in cheaper electricity prices and more efficient delivery, Anatoly Chubais, Chief Executive Officer of the Unified Energy System of Russia (RAO UES), told a Policy Briefing.

Unity in diversity? The EU vis-a-vis Russia
16 April 2008

The new Partnership and Cooperation Agreement currently being negotiated by the EU and Russia should be more pragmatic and based on commitments not values, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Assessing the effectiveness of aid: lessons for donors
7 April 2008

Donor governments must ensure they deliver humanitarian aid as effectively as possible, with the likely rise in humanitarian disasters linked to the effects of climate change making this more important than ever, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Down under and over here: Australia, the EU and the challenges of globalisation
2 April 2008

As globalisation creates a “new generation of deeper, broader, political, economic and personal ties”, Australia wants to breathe “new life” into its relationship with Europe, cooperating closely on security, trade, development and climate change, Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd told a Policy Briefing.

Success in Afghanistan: how to define it, how to make it happen
1 April 2008

Afghanistan’s fate is “on the edge” and the international community needs to engage more politically, rather than just militarily, while ensuring that Afghans themselves are in the “driving seat”, speakers agreed at a Policy Dialogue.

Iran after the elections: nuclear non-proliferation and regional stability
17 March 2008

The Iranian elections followed democratic procedures, although they were not entirely fair; but it is the country’s ‘political elite’ which shapes Iranian policies – desiring to be regionally secure and seen as a regional power; having a nuclear capability makes this possible, said speakers at a Policy Dialogue.

ASEAN at a crossroads: a new lease of life at 40?
10 March 2008

ASEAN has helped to keep regional peace over the last 40 years through its guiding principle of non-intervention in members’ affairs, speakers told an EPC-Sasakawa Peace Foundation Policy Dialogue.

The year of the rat: interesting times ahead for China?
25 February 2008

The Chinese Communist Party is pursuing a “scientific, harmonious” path to make China a “moderately prosperous country” by 2020 and seeks good relations with the rest of the world based on mutual trust, respect and cooperation, Du Qiwen, Vice Minister, Chinese Central Foreign Affairs Office, told a Policy Dialogue.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation: a new regional kid on the block?
18 February 2008

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation - made up of China, Russia and the Central Asian republics - was created in 2001 to fight the “three evils” of terrorism, separatism and extremism, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

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