Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Boosting the potential of the EU: the Single Market Act
20 January 2011

The single market is important to the future of Europe as a major source of fast sustainable growth and employment, said Jonathan Faull, Director General for Internal Market and Services in the European Commission, at a Sixty-Minute Briefing.

The European economy in 2011
13 January 2011

The European economy will continue to recover through 2011 and 2012, but this will be subdued and there remains a significant amount of risk, both in Europe and globally, said panellists at a Policy Dialogue.

Creating a single market for innovation - Are we on the right track?
16 December 2010

The single market for innovation could benefit from improving the quality of educational institutions, removing administrative bottlenecks, and promoting networks, according to speakers at a Policy Dialogue.

The role of new technology in overburdened health systems: breaking the bank or driving efficiency?
15 December 2010

The European Commission is promoting new technologies in health systems, which is leading changes in the structure and delivery of health services, heard participants at a Policy Dialogue.

Reform of economic governance: taking stock and looking ahead
9 December 2010

The economic crisis has raised fundamental questions not just about the euro, but also about the state of European integration, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Beyond primary care: innovative and accessible technologies for all? - CHES Roundtable
1 December 2010

This CHES Roundtable discussion focused on how to enhance medical innovation and promote market access for new products.

Building Europe's economic future
1 December 2010

European policy makers face an immediate crisis of dealing with the sovereign-debt problems in several euro zone countries and even greater challenges arise from predicted low economic growth rates for many years, said speakers at a Policy Dialogue presented by the EPC for the European Economic Governance Monitor (EEGM).

Will current austerity measures reduce citizens’ long-term well-being? – Forum meeting
25 November 2010

This Economic Policy Forum debate focused on the question of how European policy makers should steer public finances back onto a sustainable path, while minimising the negative effect on citizens' quality of life.

The future for European cohesion policy
18 November 2010

Cohesion Policy is the second largest line of community funding, and helps drive growth, jobs and EU solidarity, said Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Regional Policy, at a Breakfast Briefing.

Agenda setting - 1st Task Force meeting
10 November 2010

This first meeting of the Task Force on Climate Change Adaptation considered the impacts of climate change on Europe, looked at the current and foreseen policy measures on adaptation, and helped to set the agenda for the future meetings of the Task Force.

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