Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Is Europe still a world leader in tackling climate change?
24 January 2012

Developing the green economy presents the EU with an ideal opportunity to plot a route out of the economic crisis while at the same time taking measures to avert climate catastrophe, Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Building Martin Lidegaard told a Policy Briefing.

What economic prospects for 2012?
17 January 2012

Persistent uncertainty over the euro zone’s future and incessant political wrangling makes it difficult to forecast the EU’s economic outlook for 2012, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue.

A European Union stronger after the crises
16 January 2012

Today’s European Union faces an existential challenge and risks breaking up if concrete action is not taken to address the sovereign debt crisis soon, said speakers in a Policy Dialogue.

Realising the Digital Single Market
7 December 2011

Developing the digital economy harbours huge potential to boost growth and jobs in an EU that is struggling to emerge from recession, said speakers in a Policy Dialogue.

Advancing European health amidst global crises
5 December 2011

Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organisation, delivered the CHES Annual Lecture, and said that innovation in the healthcare sector is a potential source of future growth.

Making 2012 a year of active - and healthy - ageing in Europe
22 November 2011

With the EU population ageing dramatically, it is important for policy makers to focus on the opportunities as well as the threats posed by this demographic shift, heard participants at a Policy Dialogue.

Financing climate change adaptation in Europe - Task Force meeting
15 November 2011

This Task Force meeting considered the economics of climate change adaptation and the role of insurance companies and EU institutions in supporting cost-effective adaptation.

The future of European agriculture - more of the same or radical change?
10 November 2011

Participants in a Policy Briefing discussed whether the EU should be spending so much on agriculture as it bids to secure the smart, green and inclusive growth called for by the 'Europe 2020' strategy.

Fishy Business - Time to reform EU fisheries policy?
9 November 2011

Most discussion of the EU’s future fisheries policy centres on sustainability but, despite the tightly regulated nature of the industry, there are still governance issues and the Common Fisheries Policy clearly needs reviewing, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue.

Post-Summit Briefing
27 October 2011

EU leaders gathering in Brussels for an unprecedented summit marathon this week reached a potentially landmark deal to restructure Greek debt, strengthen the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) and recapitalise major European banks, heard participants in a post-summit briefing.

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