European Politics and Institutions

Post-Summit Briefing
24 October 2011

Amid mounting global concern over delays in resolving Europe’s debt crisis, EU leaders at their summit on Sunday agreed to meet again on Wednesday to flesh out details of a “comprehensive plan” to put the continent back on track, heard participants in a Post-Summit Briefing.

EU-Turkey relations - Towards visa liberalisation?
21 October 2011

Turkey’s EU membership negotiations may have come unstuck recently but progress on visa liberalisation has also ground to a halt, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue.

Towards a 'federal Europe'?
20 October 2011

Creating a more federal Europe is back on the Brussels agenda amid widespread recognition that traditional means of decision making can no longer sustain the post-crisis EU, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Kosovo’s European perspective - Forum meeting
18 October 2011

This forum discussed the increasing uncertain European perspective in Kosovo, the last country in the Balkans not to have started talks on visa liberation with the EU and to normalise relations with Serbia.

Is Germany still a 'good European'?
12 October 2011

Germany’s role in pushing EU integration is more crucial than ever, but the crisis is provoking debate about its European future, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue.

The 'state of the Union' amidst the crisis
4 October 2011

The EU is currently facing the greatest economic and political challenges it has ever confronted, but the crisis brings with it huge opportunities as well as risks, said Johannes Laitenberger, head of cabinet for European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, at a Sixty-Minute Briefing.

Turkish Insights Roundtable
28 September 2011

At a Turkish Insights Roundtable a lively discussion took place on the topic of Turkey’s role in NATO and more broadly on recent events in the Eastern Mediterranean concerning Israel and Cyprus.

The unacceptable status quo: global hunger and malnutrition - What response from Europe?
22 September 2011

Speakers at a Policy Dialogue agreed it was an outrage that 925 million people go hungry, and said the solution was to build “disaster preparedness” into policies, support local production and improve governance structures.

Kosovo in Europe and the Balkans
13 July 2011

The government of Kosovo has had two main goals for the past three years, Enver Hoxhaj, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, told a Policy Briefing.

Next steps in EU transparency
28 June 2011

The European Commission has reached agreement with the European Parliament on a joint EU Transparency Register, a Policy Dialogue was told, and talks will begin in September with the European Council about joining the register.

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