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Rio+20 – The U.S. outlook to a ‘green economy’
31 May 2012

The upcoming Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development offers a chance to shape future global policy and reconcile environmental, economic and social concerns, heard participants in a Policy Briefing with Dr. Kerri-Ann Jones, United States Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs.


The U.S. elections 2012 – What do they mean for Europe?
24 May 2012

November’s presidential election in the USA will be extremely close, but Electoral College votes are likely to tip the balance in Democrat incumbent Barack Obama’s favour, heard participants in a Briefing with David Mark, senior editor of Politico.

US elections 2012

Ukraine-EU relations: at the Rubicon
18 May 2012

This high-level debate, held in Kyiv, Ukraine, included a number of panel debates dedicated to the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, trade and visa liberalisation issues.

Armenia after the elections
16 May 2012

Armenia still has some way to go before it conforms to international standards of democracy, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue.

Armenia after the elections

Sound regional development in rural and urban areas in the EU and China - a comparative perspective
10 May 2012

This roundtable, in cooperation with the Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union, stimulated debate on the importance of EU-China dialogue in the wake of enhanced cooperation on regional development in recent years.

Public administration reform in Eastern Partnership countries – How far, how deep?
3 May 2012

Many Eastern Partnership countries aren’t doing very well in terms of public administration and good governance, heard participants in an Eastern Promises Policy Dialogue.
Public administration reform

Ukraine 2012 - Time for democratic transformation - Roundtable
26 April 2012

This roundtable discussion, organised in cooperation with the Ukrainian Politics Foundation, discussed the challenges facing Ukraine in the run-up to the country’s Parliamentary elections on 28 October.

Confidence-building measures and the Transdniestrian conflict: Bringing a settlement closer? - Roundtable
24 April 2012

This Roundtable, in cooperation with the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), discussed the implications of confidence-building measures (CBMs) with a view to resolving the Transdniestrian conflict.

Armenia and the Euro-Atlantic Security Architecture - Roundtable
2 April 2012

This Roundtable discussed the issues facing Armenia, namely the concern of Iran and its nuclear programme, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the country’s quest to build closer ties with the West.

The Arab Spring one year after - Challenges, prospects and strategies for change
29 March 2012

The opportunities, risks and challenges facing the Arab world in the wake of the Arab Spring are of key significance for Europe too, heard participants in a major international conference.

The Arab Spring one year after - Challenges, prospects and strategies for change

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