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Media freedom in Turkey - Under pressure but continuing to fight back
15 May 2014

Media freedom in Turkey remains a matter of great concern as it continues to regress.

Media freedom in Turkey

The policy priorities of the next European Commission - A UK perspective
13 May 2014

UK Minister for Europe David Lidington outlines the UK perspectives on the future of the European Union.

The policy priorities of the next European Commission - A UK perspective

Evaluating Turkey’s local elections - What will the future bring?
3 April 2014

Late March 2014 Turks went to the polls for important local elections which saw the ruling AKP party’s share of the vote rising six percentage points compared with the most recent municipal elections in 2009 results.

Evaluating Turkey’s local elections

Serbia's accession process - Sound policymaking for sound EU membership
31 March 2014

Serbia formally opened accession negotiations with the European Union in January.

Serbia's accession process

Serbia-Kosovo dialogue: a reality check
27 March 2014

Normalisation of Belgrade-Prishtina relations

Social cohesion in Europe – What do citizens want… and what are they likely to get?
19 March 2014

There are many disparities in terms of social policy in and between EU countries.

Social cohesion in Europe

Is corruption holding Europe back? - Lessons from the first EU anti-corruption report
6 March 2014

The European Commission launched the first EU-wide Anti-Corruption Report assessing the efforts of the 28 Member States in fighting corruption in the public and private sector.

Is corruption holding Europe back?

Building a world fit for today and tomorrow - What is Europe’s role?
25 February 2014

The world looks likely to be facing a series of major long-term challenges in the 21st century, ranging from pandemics to climate change to cybersecurity to migration.

Building a world fit for today and tomorrow

The Cyprus Issue – One final push to settle it?
19 February 2014

After almost four decades as a divided island, Cyprus is closer than ever to reunification, according to a long-standing negotiator outlining the current state of play.

The Cyprus Issue – One final push to settle it?

The Macedonian European Future – Prospects and challenges
18 February 2014

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is strongly committed to its European integration process and determined to find a solution to its bilateral disputes with neighbours.

The Macedonian European Future

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