European Politics and Institutions

Turkey-EU relations: what next?
9 October 2014

Turkey-EU relations: where do we go from here?

Turkey-EU relations: what next?

Secession in EU member states - Current trends in Spain and the United Kingdom
10 July 2014

Catalonia and Scotland: New EU member states?

Secession in EU member states

Bosnia and Herzergovina: looking back to move forward - Forum Meeting
10 July 2014

This Forum meeting, organised in cooperation with the International Crisis Group, looked at root of the perpetual crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and discussed what the country's leaders and civil society, as well as the European Union, could do to tackle head-on the main problems.

The Iraq Crisis, ISIS and the region
3 July 2014

The Islamic State: History and Future

The Iraq Crisis, ISIS and the region

Reducing Europe’s dependence – An opportunity for a more coherent, ambitious energy and climate policy
26 June 2014

Could the crisis in EU energy security become an opportunity for a comprehensive policy on climate and energy?

Reducing Europe’s dependence

Moldova’s road to Europe – What’s next?
26 June 2014

Moldova's expectations from the EU

Moldova’s road to Europe – What’s next?

The Cyprus problem – Moving closer to a solution?
13 June 2014

Cyprus: A problem with an ever-closer solution

The Cyprus problem

The unhappy state of the union – Time for a new “grand bargain”
11 June 2014

The EU is deeply divided by fault lines between creditors and debtors, north and south, Euro and non-Euro countries.

The unhappy state of the union – Time for a new “grand bargain”

Italy’s priorities for the Council Presidency
3 June 2014

Italy will assume the rotating presidency of the Council of Ministers in July, when the EU finds itself in a period of institutional transition following the European Parliament elections.

Italy’s priorities for the Council Presidency

Digital entrepreneurship -Transforming European businesses - Workshop
21 May 2014

The workshop addressed  the opportunities and challenges linked to transforming traditional industrial activities into innovative business models. The speakers and participants reflected on ways to incentivise companies to adopt digital entrepreneurship models, on the action being taken at EU level and what more needs to be done, on factors which are necessary to accelerate the integration of digital tools into the wider economy as well as on  what “more traditional” companies can learn from young innovative enterprises.

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