European Migration and Diversity

The European Policy Centre turns 20!

21 October 2016

The European Policy Centre celebrated its 20th anniversary on 13 October 2016 with an incredible line-up of speakers and intense discussions on the future of the European project at the Palais des Académies in Brussels. Hundreds poured into the Throne Room to hear EU leaders and high-level policy-makers talk about the state of the Union, and discuss the biggest threats that it is currently facing. The key question put to the speakers, panelists and audience members was whether the Union is at serious risk of polarisation and therefore of unraveling, or whether the upcoming 60th anniversary could be a unique opportunity to regain momentum and make a fresh start.

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Programme Team

Senior Policy Analyst and Head of the Migration and Diversity Programme

Marie De Somer

Policy Analyst

Frank Mc Namara

Programme Assistants

Katharina Bamberg
Marta Llonch

Senior Adviser to EPC on migration and mobility policies

Yves Pascouau