EPC in the debate

Members of the EPC team regularly speak at conferences and seminars and moderate high-level publications in Brussels, EU Member States and beyond, and contribute to outside publications.

Governance of the Energy Union
11 July 2017

On 11 July, Marco Giuli contributed to the quarterly report of Central Europe Energy Partners with an op-ed on the Governance Regulation proposal presented by the European Commission as a part of the Clean Energy Package.

The World in Disorder
11 July 2017

On 11 July, Giovanni Grevi spoke at a conference organised by the FES and the EKD on the implementation of the EU Global Strategy and how the EU can deal with a more challenging geopolitical landscape.

Italy, the Western Balkans and the Trieste Summit
10 July 2017

On 10 June, Andrea Frontini contributed a Commentary on Italy's views on EU enlargement towards the Western Balkans for a Dossier of the Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale (ISPI), a Milan-based think tank, devoted to the Trieste Summit on the Western Balkans.

Spending priorities of euro-area countries in "Dialogue on Europe" project
10 July 2017

On 10 July, the German think tank Das Progressive Zentrum summarised Robin Huguenot-Noël's paper on public spending in the euro area as part of the "Dialogue on Europe" project.

The future of EU-Russia relations
7 July 2017

On 7 July, Tania Marocchi wrote an article on “EU-Russia Relations: Towards an Increasingly Geopolitical Paradigm” for Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung’s web dossier ‘Friends and Foes, Tensions or Ties – the EU’s relations with Turkey, Russia and the US’.

Public spending in the Euro area
6 July 2017

Robin Huguenot-Noël contributed to a joint paper with Jörg Haas published by the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin.

This Policy Paper analyses data on general government spending in the euro area since the inception of EMU and presents it in seven charts. Despite a set of favourable preconditions for convergence, public spending ratios in the euro area vary widely and have shown no sign of lasting convergence, reflecting primarily national preferences and path dependency. Interactive data visualisation of this study is also available on the website of the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin.

New ideas in dealing with the challenges to democracy
5 July 2017

On 5 July, Corina Stratulat spoke on “New ideas in dealing with the challenges to democracy” in the “How endangered is Democracy? – The western Model in crises?”, a seminar organised by the Professional Center and the students union of the University of Cologne, Germany. 

Gas politics in South Eastern Europe
5 July 2017

On 5 July, Marco Giuli published an op-ed in Limes on the latest developments regarding Russia-Hungary gas cooperation and the significance for the EU.

Energy Poverty Task Force
4 July 2017

On 4 July, Marco Giuli presented the conclusions of the EPC Energy Poverty Task Force at a roundtable organised by the Right to Energy Coalition, including representatives from environmental and social advocacy organisations.

Multi-speed Europe: The EU's future or doom? Shaping differentiated integration
4 July 2017

On 3-4 July, Yann-Sven Rittelmeyer spoke in a roundtable on "Multi-speed Europe: The EU's future or doom? Shaping differentiated integration" in the framework of the event "Weimar Triangle Roundtable Discussion. More Europe, Less Europe, Better Europe? Rethinking the Future of the EU". The event was organized by the Stiftung Genshagen (Germany) and funded by the Foundation for German-Polish cooperation and the German Foreign Office.

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