EPC in the debate

Members of the EPC team regularly speak at conferences and seminars and moderate high-level publications in Brussels, EU Member States and beyond, and contribute to outside publications.

Addressing the challenges of multi-medication in Europe’s elderly population
27 April 2017

Claire Dhéret chaired a conference on ‘Active and healthy ageing – Addressing the challenges of multi-medication in Europe’s elderly population’ organised by the Scottish government, which also presented the findings of the SIMPATHY project.

The European Commission's new social package
27 April 2017

Claire Dhéret took part in a roundtable discussion organised by MEP Maria-Joao Rodrigues at the European Parliament. She shared her views on the recently published social package of the European Commission and on how to strengthen the social dimension of the EMU.

Briefing on Brexit
25 April 2017

Fabian Zuleeg briefed the Scottish Affairs Committee of the House of Commons on aspects of Brexit. 

DIGITALEUROPE Brexit Advisory Council
25 April 2017

Fabian Zuleeg took part in the inaugural meeting of the DIGITALEUROPE Brexit Advisory Council of which he is a member.

The potential of civil society in Germany
21 April 2017

Julian Rappold recently published the article 'Schlummerndes Potential wecken: EU-in-BRIEF zur European Public Diplomacy erschienen' for the European Movement Germany. In it, he criticizes the German government for not fully exploiting the expertise, potential and diversity of the organised civil society in Germany, and calls for a comprehensive, inter-ministerial and network-based Public Diplomacy approach explicitly involving associations, media, non-state actors and think tanks that operate across borders in their daily work.

South Caucasus Security Forum
21 April 2017

On 20 and 21 April, Amanda Paul participated in the South Caucasus Security Forum in Tbilisi (Georgia) where she made a presentation on 'The EU Global Strategy – Impact and implications for the Eastern Partnership'. 

Possibility of Brexfast
21 April 2017

Fabian Zuleeg gave a presentation to the staff of the Permanent Representation of Belgium on the UK position in the Brexit negotiation process and the possibility of Brexfast.

EU's cohesion crisis and enlargement towards the Western Balkans
20 April 2017

Andrea Frontini spoke in a Policy Forum on 'Turning the tide of EU cohesion', held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tirana, Albania. The event was organised by the MFA's Center of Excellence in cooperation with the Albania Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. 

Meeting of the University of Warwick European Advisory Board
19 April 2017

Fabian Zuleeg took part in the meeting of the University of Warwick European Advisory Board, of which he is a member. 

France’s unpredictable election: the consequences for the EU
19 April 2017

Yann-Sven Rittelmeyer's article on the French elections and the consequences for the EU was published on the International Spectator, the online magazine of the Clingendael Netherlands Institute for International Relations, a Dutch think tank.

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