EPC in the debate

Members of the EPC team regularly speak at conferences and seminars and moderate high-level publications in Brussels, EU Member States and beyond, and contribute to outside publications.

The Energy Union: a new ambition for Europe?
22 April 2015

Marco Guili talked at an event in Brussels organised by the Centre for European Progression on the oppurtunities and challenges of the Energy Union.

Minimum wage
17 April 2015

Claire Dhéret gave a presentation on EU minimum wage policy to students of the Maastricht University and answered their questions.

European defence cooperation
16 April 2015

Andrea Frontini’s EPC Commentary on Juncker’s call for an EU army was quoted in a Briefing on European defence cooperation by the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS).

Reducing emissions from road transport
16 April 2015

Annika Hedberg moderated a workshop on the contribution of new ITS technologies to reducing emissions, which was organised as part of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) initiative on “Joining forces to tackle the road transport CO2 challenge”.

Digital Europe
14 April 2015

Fabian Zuleeg participated as a speaker in a debate organised by DIGITALEUROPE. The main focus of the debate was on how digital technologies can support the competitiveness of European enterprises on the global scale. Other speakers were John Higgins, Director General of DIGITALEUROPE, and Bernd Lange, Chair of the INTA Committee.

Russia Today
14 April 2015

Amanda Paul spoke at a roundtable organised by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly on “Russia Today – Challenges, Prospects and NATO and EU Responses”.

EU Foreign Policy - many actors, one message?
8 April 2015

Rosa Balfour spoke at a seminar on EU foreign policy ('EU Foreign Policy-many actors, one message?') organised by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, in Helsinki. Other notable speakers were Pierre Vimont, former Executive Secretary-General of the European External Action Service and Kirsti Kauppi, Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Book review - The European External Action Service and National Foreign Ministries
30 March 2015

The recently published volume of 'The European External Action Service and National Foreign Ministries. Convergence or Divergence?', written and edited under the supervision of Rosa Balfour, Caterina Carta and Kristi Raik, was reviewed by the Transatlantic politics blog politipond.

Outcome of Israeli elections
26 March 2015

Andrea Frontini spoke on the outcomes of the Israeli elections and the future challenges for the EU-Israel relations in a meeting at the European Parliament's Delegation for Relations with Israel.

Digital Economy
25 March 2015

Fabian Zuleeg spoke on the Digital Economy at a conference ('The impact of digitilization on businesses and society - a challenge for policy makers') organised by the Consultative Commission on Industrial Change (CCMI) of the European Economic and Social Committee, in Brussels.

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