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Members of the EPC team regularly speak at conferences and seminars and moderate high-level publications in Brussels, EU Member States and beyond, and contribute to outside publications.

Romania and EU Enlargement in the Western Balkans
2 October 2015

Paul Ivan spoke at an event in Bucharest, co-organised by the European Policy Centre, the European Parliament Information Office in Romania and the Romanian Centre for European Policies, entitled Romania and EU Enlargement in the Western Balkans.

European response(s) to the refugee, migrant and humanitarian crisis: will the EU and Member States succeed?
1 October 2015

Michael Roth, Minister of State for Europe at the Federal Foreign Office, Germany, gave the keynote speech at an EPC Policy Dialogue on European response(s) to the refugee, migrant and humanitarian crisis: Will the EU and Member States succeed?

He argued that the crisis can be addressed, but only if member states treat it as a reality check, realise their interconnectedness, and work together towards a common European solution.

The refugee crisis: Schengen’s slippery slope
30 September 2015

Andreia Ghimis' Commentary on the refugee crisis and implications for the Schengen Agreement was republished in Policy Review, an online forum for debate on European Policy issues.

EU Integration Forum 2015
25 September 2015

On 24-25 September 2015, Corina Stratulat acted as Rapporteur in the European Values session of the EU Integration Forum 2015: “Restoring faith in Democracy – How to reverse the tide of Disillusionment and Disengagement?” organised by the Robert Bosch Stiftung in Manchester, UK. 

EU Integration Forum 2015: Restoring faith in Democracy - how to reverse the tide of Disillusionment and Disengagement?
24 September 2015

Corina Stratulat acted as Rapporteur in the European Values session of the EU Integration Forum 2015, organised by Robert Bosch Stiftung in Manchester, UK on 24-25 September.

11th China-EU Think Tank Roundtable, China and EU: Achievements, Experiences and Challenges
20 September 2015

From September 21 to 22, Amanda Paul, Marco Giuli and Paul Ivan participated in the 11th China-EU Think Tank Roundtable in Nanjing, China. Co-organised by the EPC, the China Institute of International Studies (CIIS) and the EU-Asia Centre, the Roundtable is an important platform for debate between Chinese and European experts. 

The two-day event brought together more than thirty officials, academics and think tankers from China and the EU. In a session on regional challenges, Amanda Paul spoke about "The Unravelling of the Old Order in the Middle East: Security Implications for the Region and Beyond", and Paul Ivan spoke about "Challenges in Eastern Europe". In a session considering China-Europe roles on global and regional issues, Marco Giuli spoke about the "Geopolitics of Russian energy between Europe and China".

The 11th China-EU Think Tank Roundtable was organised with the kind support of the Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union.

EU Priorities
18 September 2015

Annika Hedberg spoke with a group of politicians from the Regional Authority of Region Skåne on the state of the play in the EU, current policy priorities and developments in the health arena.

East Mediterranean gas
17 September 2015

Marco Giuli spoke about the prospects for East Mediterranean gas at a roundtable organised by the Brussels Office of the Friedrich Ebhert Stiftung.

Heads buried in the sand: member states block solutions to the refugee crisis
15 September 2015

Yves Pascouau's Commentary on the 14th September JHA Council extraordinary meeting dealing with the refugee crisis was republished in Policy Review, an online forum for debate on European Policy issues.

UE, România şi refugiaţii : mituri şi realităţi
14 September 2015

Andreia Ghimis has written a follow-up article on Romanian discussion website Contributors.ro, reviewing the response of the Commission to the refugee crisis in a Romanian context.

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