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The Politicisation of migration in Europe
27 September 2012

More than most other sensitive issues, the subject of migration in Europe is at risk of ‘politicisation’ or being hijacked by political factions and interest groups, with potentially major consequences for immigration policy decisions.

Migration in Europe

Freedom on the Net: how to make digital rights global?
27 September 2012

Internet access is vital for social mobilisation, but journalists and bloggers are being harassed and governments are becoming more sophisticated in their repression of online activity. Perhaps the EU is behind the curve regarding policy responses.

Freedom on the Net

Climate change – Is Europe ready to adapt?
26 September 2012

Failure to adapt to the consequences of climate change would harm not just Europe’s environment, but also its economy and the health of its citizens. Investing in climate change adaptation also brings economic opportunities in itself.

Climate change

Economic integration in Asia and free trade with the EU
25 September 2012

Free trade can provide Europe’s economy with the boost that it needs to emerge from the crisis – and the FTA with South Korea can serve as a model for EU deals with other countries in the region.

Economic integration in Asia

Ukraine’s parliamentary elections – The final countdown
25 September 2012

October’s parliamentary elections in Ukraine will serve as a litmus test of the country’s democracy.

Ukraine's parliamentary elections

The future of the EU: towards a mutually supportive integration
24 September 2012

The current crisis had its origins in the excesses of financial sector. But it soon became a wider economic and sovereign debt crisis, and it is fast becoming a political crisis to which the EU must urgently respond.

The future of the EU

Promoting health and preventing disease - the role of the citizen - CHES Roundtable
24 September 2012

This CHES roundtable discussion explored the rationale for a stronger focus on disease prevention and health promotion in Europe, and the citizens’ role in this, what influences individual choices and how other actors, such as businesses and pharmacists, can help citizens to take better care of themselves, as well as why, at a time of austerity measures, it makes sense to encourage prevention and health promotion.

Freedom of movement of persons in the Schengen area - A critical juncture?
20 September 2012

The future of the EU’s Schengen border-free area may be at a critical juncture, amid growing mistrust between member states and mounting tensions between the European institutions.

Schengen area

Georgia's democratic transformation and the parliamentary elections
19 September 2012

Parliamentary elections due in Georgia on 1 October are a crucial test of the health of the country’s democracy and its Euro-Atlantic integration prospects, heard participants in this Policy Dialogue.

Georgia's democratic transformation

Reducing CO emissions from shipping - rethinking European policies
18 September 2012

Shipping emissions have not been a major focus of reduction efforts in the past, but now this is changing.

Reducing CO2 emissions

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