Reports 2012

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New rules on clinical trials and testing medicines: are we on the right track? - CHES Roundtable
4 December 2012

This CHES roundtable discussion considered the proposed new rules on clinical trials, how well they address the shortcomings of the Clinical Trials Directive, and the main improvements.

Promoting health and preventing disease - the role of the citizen - CHES Roundtable
24 September 2012

This CHES roundtable discussion explored the rationale for a stronger focus on disease prevention and health promotion in Europe, and the citizens’ role in this, what influences individual choices and how other actors, such as businesses and pharmacists, can help citizens to take better care of themselves, as well as why, at a time of austerity measures, it makes sense to encourage prevention and health promotion.

Creating value from health-related information - CHES Roundtable
6 February 2012

This CHES stakeholder discussion, which received additional support from Oracle, highlighted some of the challenges and possibilities that rise with digitalised use of health data.

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