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Towards an energy union?
15 July 2014

Energy has become the subject of discussion among European leaders. Between the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the slow economic recovery and loss of competitiveness (partly) due to high energy prices, and the gloomy climate change forecasts, it’s no wonder that the need and political will for a unified energy policy at European level is greater than ever.

Secession in EU member states - Current trends in Spain and the United Kingdom
10 July 2014

In various EU member states, strong movements promoting secession from their respective nation state and seeking independence have emerged.

A new EU regulatory framework for medical devices - Ensuring safety and innovation
8 July 2014

Medical devices include a wide range of products, from contact lenses and bandages to pace-makers. There are more than 500,000 different types of devices on the market that are used in the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring and treatment of diseases and in improving the quality of life of those with disabilities.

Towards a resource-efficient Europe: the Commissions’ blueprint for a circular economy
8 July 2014

The European Commission has recently adopted a circular economy package, hoping to establish a common and coherent EU framework that will promote resource efficiency.

New pact for Europe: What are Europe’s strategic options?
1 July 2014

The New Pact for Europe project is an initiative that aims to promote a transnational, Europe-wide debate on the future of Europe. In its first report, New Pact for Europe has identified five strategic options for the European Union: going back to basics, consolidating past achievements, moving ahead ambitiously, leaping forward and changing the more or less EU logic altogether.