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Countering violent extremism in the Western Balkans and Turkey - What avenues for stronger EU-U.S. cooperation?
8 July 2016

At this Policy Dialogue, a panel of experts assessed the threat posed by violent extremism to the political and societal stability of the Western Balkans and Turkey and discussed how the EU-US partnership can fully exploit its potential to ensure the security of key partner countries.

The EU and the Balkans: In pursuit of economic convergence
7 July 2016

In response to the economic malaise plaguing the Western Balkans since 2009, the Commission has recognised that economic governance is a fundamental pillar of EU enlargement policy. At this Policy Dialogue, a panel of experts discussed the economic state of affairs in the region and the main priorities on the to-do list.

Can the European project be saved?
6 July 2016

The EU continues to be battered by multiple crises, of which Brexit is just the latest instalment. This Visions for Europe event – with Herman Van Rompuy and Loukas Tsoukalis as speakers – addressed the current state of the Union and the uncertain future of the European integration project.

Political challengers East and West: Cut from the same cloth?
30 June 2016

The refugee crisis has laid bare a widening divide between Eastern and Western Europe on the nature of European values. This Policy Dialogue sought to address this alleged divide from different geographical and ideological standpoints.

Post-Summit Breakfast Briefing
30 June 2016

The EU Summit of 28-29 June was dominated by the results of the UK referendum. At this Post-summit Briefing, speakers analysed the meeting’s outcome and considered the challenges ahead and potential next steps in an EU without one of its key players: the UK.