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Scotland’s commitment to Europe
2 June 2015

At this Policy Briefing, First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon made a positive case for continued UK membership of the EU and shared her thoughts on UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron’s approach to the upcoming in-out referendum.

Culture and Conflict – Healing Syria’s wounds
1 June 2015

‘Queens of Syria’, a documentary film by Yasmin Fedda that details the lives of Syrian women refugees creating their own version of Euripides’ play ‘Trojan Women’ was the starting point for a debate on how culture and the arts can have a positive effect on communities who have suffered – or are still suffering – from war, and can even contribute to the reconciliation and healing process.

The 7 June parliamentary elections - A battle for Turkey’s future
27 May 2015

The Turkey parliamentary election of 7 June was the most important one in the country’s recent history. At this Policy Dialogue, a panel of experts and journalists looked ahead and discussed the possible outcomes, and what they would mean for the future of the country.

The South Caucasus: between integration and fragmentation
19 May 2015

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the countries of the South Caucasus – Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan – have opted for different post-independence projects, resulting in a fragmented region, despite the many opportunities for integration and cooperation.

Implementing the Serbia-Kosovo agreement - Lost in stagnation?
12 May 2015

Serbia and Kosovo reached a landmark agreement in April 2013 within the framework of the EU-facilitated Dialogue.