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The use of social media for terrorist recruitment - How should Europe respond?
1 July 2015

Social media platforms have recently become primary vehicles for terrorist organisations to indoctrinate, radicalise and recruit vulnerable Europeans to fight in Syria and Iraq. Discussions at this Policy Dialogue, organised in cooperation with the European Foundation for Democracy (EFD), focused on how the EU should respond.

The Russian challenge
1 July 2015

This Policy Dialogue discussed the recently published Chatham House report ‘The Russian Challenge’ and addressed the economic and political challenges facing Russia, changes in Russia’s relationships with the West as well as the internal issues faced by the country in terms of domestic political and economic development.

Why transparency matters - Achieving development objectives and fighting corruption
24 June 2015

This Policy Dialogue, hosted by the Norwegian Mission to the EU, sought to reflect on the role of transparency in achieving development policy objectives and the fight against corruption.

The EU and the US in Asia - Cooperation or competition?
22 June 2015

This Policy dialogue sought to examine how the transatlantic focus on Asia has been carried out in practice at the policy level; the impact it has had on how the US and the EU engage with each other and with the region; and the role that trade negotiations and security challenges have played in moving toward a trilateral partnership.

Is there a need for a ‘new pact’ for Europe?
17 June 2015

At this high-level conference, a group of experts, policy makers and politicians came together to try and find answers to the following questions: is there a need for a ‘new pact' for Europe? And if so, who should this pact be between and what should it contain?