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Upcycling the circular economy package?
19 March 2015

In December 2014, it became clear that the European Commission’s circular economy package was to be ditched and re-tabled, creating a stir across the EU.

The status quo in Cyprus and the way forward?
19 March 2015

In this policy briefing, Ergün Olgun, Turkish Cypriot Chief Negotiator, set out his views on how the Turkish Cypriots see the situation in relation to the UN-led peace talks about achieving a settlement in Cyprus and what he sees as the prospects for the next round of negotiations. He expressed his commitment towards achieving a settlement and was optimistic about the ultimate outcome of the talks.

Preserving peace and security: searching for assertive answers to hybrid challenges
16 March 2015

During the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, a new type of warfare has shown its face; a so-called hybrid warfare, which proves to be a growing challenge for the international community and area of heated debate.

Towards better healthcare systems: is good performance dependent on how much we spend?
13 March 2015

At this Policy Dialogue, a panel of experts looked at the relationship between the level of healthcare spending and the performance of healthcare systems. It became clear that more spending on healthcare does not automatically lead to a better performing healthcare system.

The European Energy Union: challenges ahead
3 March 2015

At this Policy Briefing, Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President for Energy Union, European Commission, presented the Commission’s Energy Union strategy framework, which it recently unveiled. It addresses crosscutting EU policy issues ranging from competitiveness to growth to consumer pricing to climate change to energy security. While an EU single market for energy makes sense, the barriers are both physical and political; the current infrastructure is lacking and it’s not clear how far EU member states are willing to commit to a common energy policy.