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Winter is coming – Is the EU ready for gas disruptions?
6 November 2014

The crisis in Ukraine has shown that the EU is heavily dependent on gas supplies from Russia. Now that winter really is coming – and in some European countries already here – the question still remains if the EU is sufficiently prepared for possible gas disruptions.

The economics of EU enlargement to the Balkans – Pillar or straw?
4 November 2014

This Policy Dialogue reflected on the Balkan economies, and whether the EU’s new enlargement strategy provides the right tools to assist with the necessary reform processes in the region.

Heading for Peru - The road to an ambitious global climate agreement in 2015?
3 November 2014

The latest IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) report published on 2 November 2014 predicts that without any immediate action from the global community, the impacts of climate change could become irreversible, with the dangerous 2°C rise in aggregate global temperatures becoming a real possibility.

Ukraine on the eve of elections. Expectations, challenges and fears
21 October 2014

The early parliamentary elections of 26 October 2014 were one of the major demands of the Maidan protesters, and a lot will depend on their outcome.

Scotland, the EU, the Referendum and Reform
14 October 2014

Scotland’s continued membership and contribution to the EU as an independent country was a central theme of the independence referendum debate.