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How strong is the Turkish economy?
21 June 2016

Once a shining example for the region, the Turkish economy is now seen as weak and financially vulnerable. At this Policy Dialogue, a panel of experts analysed the current situation of the Turkish economy, prospects for the future and the possible consequences if reforms are not carried out. 

Britain and Europe: A new settlement?
14 June 2016

At this event, our latest Challenge Europe publication ‘Britain and Europe: A new settlement?’ was officially launched. A panel of experts discussed the book’s main arguments, which draw on the past to lay out the case for a positive future of engagement within the EU.

A Polish View on the Energy Union
9 June 2016

At this Policy Dialogue, a group of panelists, moderated by EPC’s Annika Hedberg, discussed the Polish perspective on the EU’s climate and energy agenda. It also explored how the Polish energy mix is expected to evolve in relation to EU policies and the climate agenda, and the likely impact on Poland’s competitiveness, emissions and energy security.

TTIP and the digital economy – Connecting the dots
6 June 2016

This Policy Dialogue addressed how the digital economy is currently taken into account in the TTIP negotiations, as well as the potential benefits and challenges associated with deepening transatlantic cooperation in this field.

Saving Schengen: discussing the options
2 June 2016

In the context of the refugee crisis, the raison-d’être of Schengen is being put into question – both as an idea and in practice – following the re-introduction of border controls and fences along member states’ borders. The goal of this event was to discuss some of the options on the table and understand their likely impact in the light of the European Commission’s intention to reform the Dublin system.