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Serbia's accession process - Sound policymaking for sound EU membership
31 March 2014

Serbia formally opened accession negotiations with the European Union in January. In addition to the transposition of the acquis communautaire, Serbia will be required to implement and enforce the whole body of EU law. Five key figures in Serbia accession effort participated in the debate discussing how public administration and good governance reforms are critical features in Serbia’s strategy for a successful accession process.

Defining the Caspian: aspirations, opportunities and challenges
25 March 2014

The Caspian is the largest inland body of water in the world, stretching from the shores of the Black Sea to the heart of Central Asia. Given the region’s geographic position between powerful states, for much of its history it has been at the heart of global confrontations.

Social cohesion in Europe – What do citizens want… and what are they likely to get?
19 March 2014

There are many disparities in terms of social policy in and between EU countries. Based on a survey of new sources of cohesion in seven EU member states, panellists explored the potential for a ‘social Europe’, especially in light of the upcoming European Parliament elections.

Transatlantic Perspectives on TTIP - What prospects for SMEs?
11 March 2014

The TTIP will become the world’s largest free trade pact. All the economic analysis points to big economic gains from a trans-Atlantic free trade area, but there will, of course, be winners and losers. If Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMEs) are the backbone of the European and American economies, where do they stand and who speaks for them in the transatlantic negotiations? Representatives for small businesses as well as regulators from both the United States and the European Union got together to discuss the prospects and challenges for SMEs.

Aviation in Europe: contributor to growth and competitiveness?
6 March 2014

Europe's aviation sector must adapt swiftly if it is to keep its place at the pinnacle of the global air travel industry, according to EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas. With air traffic set to double by 2030, European carriers must adapt swiftly to beat the international competition. After a tough few years, the prospects for growth were good, he said especially if the sector makes the most of new growth opportunities. This policy dialogue was held in cooperation with The Boeing Company, with representatives from SEO Economic Research, WWF European Policy Office, and the European Commission