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The Greek elections and crisis: potential outcome and perspectives
21 January 2015

At this Briefing, Professor of European Politics and Economy at Athens University, George Pagoulatos, and Janis Emmanouilidis shared their views on what to expect from the Greek elections of 25 January 2015.

EU innovation policy: how can it serve the purpose of an industrial renaissance?
21 January 2015

This dialogue discussed how EU innovation policy can boost industrial growth in Europe. A lack of entrepreneurship in Europe was identified as a key problem that could be addressed by, for example, education and using role models. Another key issue for Europe is to find ways to attract private investment.

Partners in prevention: addressing threats to civilian security
20 January 2015

After the recent terror attacks in Europe, the question of how to respond to radicalisation and violent extremism seems more pressing than ever. At this Policy Briefing, Sarah Sewall, United States Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy and Human Rights not only advocated close cooperation between the US and the EU in facing these issues, but she also called for the rethinking of the traditional responses, instead opting for a more preventative approach so that governments can address the underlying roots of radicalisation.

The new Czech EU policy
19 January 2015

After almost a decade of power shifts between centre-right and technical governments that were traditionally lukewarm to sceptical about the EU, the new Czech leadership has broken ties with the past approach and instead opts for a more positive attitude towards EU integration.

The priorities of the new Ukrainian government
16 December 2014

At this Briefing, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk and a number of his colleagues from the Ukrainian government gave an overview of the many challenges Ukraine is still facing and talked about what has been accomplished until now in terms of the reform agenda.