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Ukraine on the eve of elections. Expectations, challenges and fears
21 October 2014

The early parliamentary elections of 26 October 2014 were one of the major demands of the Maidan protesters, and a lot will depend on their outcome.

Scotland, the EU, the Referendum and Reform
14 October 2014

Scotland’s continued membership and contribution to the EU as an independent country was a central theme of the independence referendum debate.

Serbia’s accession negotiations with the EU: the toolkit for the to-do list
10 October 2014

The European Commission recently published the 2014 progress reports on countries aspiring to EU membership, including on Serbia - a candidate state since 2012.

Turkey-EU relations: what next?
9 October 2014

According to Turkey’s leadership, 2014 was to be the starting point for renewed and closer relations between the EU and Turkey.

Migrants in the health sector in Europe – Rather carer than patient?
7 October 2014

Migrants in the European health sector present an intriguing paradox: on the one hand there is a demand for migrant health carers because of skill shortages and an ageing population.