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Is Schengen fit for purpose? - Discussing updates to the Schengen Borders Code
29 November 2017

At this Policy Dialogue, a panel of experts and stakeholders debated the current state of the Schengen Borders Code and the situation on the ground.

The Withdrawal Bill and the impending constitutional crisis
16 November 2017

In this Policy Briefing, Ian Blackford, Leader of the Westminster Parliamentary Group of the Scottish National Party (SNP), presented his party’s position on the Withdrawal Bill and on the Brexit negotiations in general, now that the Withdrawal Bill has reached the committee stage in the House of Commons.

The Macedonian 3-6-9 plan: A hop, skip and a jump to accession negotiations?
14 November 2017

At this Policy Brief, Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bujar Osmani, spoke about the implementation of the 3-6-9 plan, how the first phase had unfolded, and what the government’s priorities were in the next stages of the plan.

Europe’s future: Peace, prosperity and democracy in an uncertain global environment
10 November 2017

In this policy briefing, Chief Economics Commentator at the Financial Times Martin Wolf talked about some of the global challenges the EU will be facing in the near to far future, and how it can equip itself to deal with those.

Updating on political progress in Northern Ireland
6 November 2017

At this Sixty-minute Briefing, James Brokenshire, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, talked about the current political, economic and security situation in Northern Ireland, and possible solutions for the Northern Ireland border issue following Brexit.