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Union, disunion or time for a paradigm shift?
13 July 2016

This Policy Dialogue focused on the state of the union following the vote for Brexit, with a panel of experts discussing a number of key questions related to individual aspects of the ‘poly-crisis’ currently affecting the EU, and to the overall future of the European integration process.

Immigration and national identity - What strategies for integration?
12 July 2016

This Policy Dialogue explored and discussed the need for long-term integration policies for the many refugees that have recently arrived in Europe, and their development at EU and national level.

The Sustainable Development Goal on health: Implications for the EU
11 July 2016

This CHES Policy Dialogue sought to address the state of the implementation of the Sustainable Development goals in the EU in terms of health and well-being. 

Countering violent extremism in the Western Balkans and Turkey - What avenues for stronger EU-U.S. cooperation?
8 July 2016

At this Policy Dialogue, a panel of experts assessed the threat posed by violent extremism to the political and societal stability of the Western Balkans and Turkey and discussed how the EU-US partnership can fully exploit its potential to ensure the security of key partner countries.

The EU and the Balkans: In pursuit of economic convergence
7 July 2016

In response to the economic malaise plaguing the Western Balkans since 2009, the Commission has recognised that economic governance is a fundamental pillar of EU enlargement policy. At this Policy Dialogue, a panel of experts discussed the economic state of affairs in the region and the main priorities on the to-do list.