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Implementing the Serbia-Kosovo agreement - Lost in stagnation?
12 May 2015

Serbia and Kosovo reached a landmark agreement in April 2013 within the framework of the EU-facilitated Dialogue.

The UK elections – On the road to Brexit?
8 May 2015

The outcome of the UK elections had a few surprises: besides the sweeping victory of the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) in Scotland, the Conservative Party did far better than anticipated and even managed to win a – albeit small – majority.

What future for Europe?
30 April 2015

In this policy briefing, Anthony Giddens, Former Director of the London School of Economics, Life Fellow of Kings College Cambridge and Member of the House of Lords set out his views on Europe’s future, drawing on his award winning 2014 book, ‘The EU, Turbulence and the Mighty Continent’ and the book he is currently writing, provisionally titled ‘Off the Edge of History, the World in the 21st Century’.

Curtailed media freedom - The Achilles heel in Balkan democracies?
23 April 2015

Although many of the EU-hopefuls in the Western Balkans had made significant progress in terms of human rights and democratic reform since the 1990s, it seems that fundamental rights are under threat yet again.

How can the EU achieve a successful and ambitious EU copyright reform?
15 April 2015

At this Policy Dialogue, speakers examined what it would require to successfully reform Europe’s current copyright framework.

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