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European Union / COMMENTARY
Europe’s recruitment drive
By Andrew Duff - 05/06/2019
European Union / COMMENTARY
Shaping power: A strategic imperative for Europe
By Giovanni Grevi - 22/02/2019
The bumpy road from Bratislava to Rome: the results of a (un)spectacular summit
By Janis Emmanouilidis - 24/10/2016
European Union / COMMENTARY
The benefits of Union?
By - 19/09/2014
European Union / POLICY BRIEF
Political Union: Europe's defining moment
By Josef Janning - 24/07/2012
European Union / PUBLICATION
Stronger after the crisis - Strategic choices for Europe's way ahead
By Rosa Balfour , Hans Martens , Yves Pascouau , Janis Emmanouilidis , Josef Janning - 16/06/2011


European Union / ROUNDTABLE
European elections 2019
Janis A. Emmanouilidis spoke at Business Europe on the outlook for Europe in the run-up to the European elections in 2019.

01 January 0001 - , Belgique/Belgie
Business Europe
Single market / CONFERENCE
Challenges and Lessons for a post-Brexit EU
Johan Bjerkem participated in a panel discussion on the impact of Brexit on the future of the Single Market and EU cooperation

16 October 2019 - Brussels,
Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies
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