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Programme Assistant „Connecting Europe“

European Integration, Future of Europe, Climate, Sustainability, Political Participation & Youth


Future of Europe / COMMENTARY
Europe under siege
By Fabian Zuleeg , Janis Emmanouilidis - 17/03/2020
Future of Europe / COMMENTARY
Second draft blueprint for the Conference on the Future of Europe
By Corina Stratulat , Janis Emmanouilidis - 30/01/2020
Future of Europe / BOOK
Yes, we should!
By - 18/04/2019
Future of Europe / BOOK
State of the Union and key challenges for Europe's future
By Paul Ivan , Janis Emmanouilidis - 01/10/2014
Future of Europe / BOOK
Challenges and new beginnings: Priorities for the EU's new leadership
By Herman Van Rompuy , Fabian Zuleeg , Rosa Balfour , George Pagoulatos , Malcolm Harbour , László Andor , Jo Leinen , Daniela Schwarzer , Alexander Stubb , Heather Grabbe , Cecilia Malmström , Maria João Rodrigues , Radoslaw Sikorski , Pawel Swieboda , Paul Ivan , Janis Emmanouilidis - 01/10/2014


Future of Europe / PANEL DISCUSSION
What will Europe look like in twenty years?

22 September 2018 - Scotland, United Kingdom
Wigtown Book Festival, Scotland
Future of Europe / PANEL DISCUSSION
Future prospective for the Union
Janis A. Emmanouilidis participated in a panel discussion on current challenges facing the EU and discussed future perspectives for the Union with a group of 50 Canadian diplomats.

16 October 2018 - , Belgique/Belgie

Future of Europe / SPEECH
The EU Today: Challenges and Opportunities
Paul Butcher delivered a lecture on “The EU Today: Challenges and Opportunities” to the Irish College in Leuven.

24 June 2019 - Irish College Leuven, Belgique/Belgie
Irish College Leuven
Future of Europe / PANEL DISCUSSION
Challenges to Democracy in the European Elections
Paul Butcher contributed to the panel on “Challenges to Democracy in the European Elections” at the Strasbourg Model European Union 2019

24 June 2019 - European Parliament, Strasbourg, France
Model European Union, Strasbourg
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