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The Europe in the World programme scrutinises the impact of a changing international system on Europe and probes how the EU and its member states can leverage their untapped potential to advance their interests and values on a regional and global level. It thus examines the EU’s relations with major powers, such as the United States, China, and Russia, and how Europe can contribute to a rules-based global order. Secondly, the programme focuses on the role of the EU in fostering reform, resilience and stability in neighbouring regions and looks closely at developments in Turkey and Ukraine, among other countries. Thirdly, the programme examines how the EU can strengthen its security in the face of terrorism, violent extremism, as well as hybrid and cyber threats. It also seeks to advance the debate on Europe’s defence policy.


China / QUOTE
The US to cut its contribution to NATO's collective budget and NATO approach to China
Amanda Paul was quoted in these Chinese newspapers on the US to cut its contribution to NATO's collective budget and NATO approach to China

Read here and here  (in Chinese)

02 December 2019 - ,
Terrorism & radicalisation / CONFERENCE
Radicalisation and the Spread of Violent Conference

 Amanda Paul spoke on the Crime-Terror nexus at a conference on Radicalisation and the Spread of Violent Conferences organised in Den Haag by Links and European Eye on Radicalisation

28 November 2019 - ,
European Eye on Radicalisation
Ukraine / QUOTE
The jury is out on Ukraine’s new leaders
Amanda Paul was quoted in an analysis about "The jury is out on Ukraine's new leaders"

Read the analysis here

28 November 2019 - ,


Head of Europe in the World programme
Senior Fellow

European foreign and security policy, strategic trends and the international order, transatlantic relations and global governance

Senior Policy Analyst
Turkish foreign and domestic policy; Security and conflict resolution in the Black Sea/Eurasia region, Russian foreign policy in the former Soviet space and Middle East, EU foreign policy in its Eastern neighbourhood, counter-terrorism and countering violent extremism
Senior Policy Analyst
Eurasia & Russia, Security & defence, Transatlantic affairs, Multilateralism & global issues, Neighbourhood policy, Eastern Partnership
Junior Policy Analyst
Security and defence, EU foreign and security policy, EU-Asia relations, ASEAN, Countering terrorism and violent extremism, Russian foreign policy.
Programme Assistant
EU Foreign and Security Policy, European strategic autonomy, EU-Africa relations, transatlantic relations
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